Title Date Summary
O my Luve's like the simile / That's deep and opportune 2017-08-08 Provides a new lens through which to view the universe and the study thereof.
Why these and not those? 2017-02-26
Odds are Unnormalized PDFs 2016-06-30
Meeting Design as a Dark Art 2016-05-28
Lessons From ICSE 2016-05-28
Dealing with Misdirection 2016-05-21 How do you make decisions when you know that somebody's trying to mislead you?
AMAC: Hyper-Meta-Level Game Theory 2016-05-10 Actions Motivated by Acausal Correlations
Fish 2016-05-06
Unicotastrophes 2016-04-07
Explore-Exploit 2016-04-01
Automated Debugging 2016-03-20
Virtual Reality 2016-03-06
On Trivialities 2016-02-26
How to Be Open-Minded 2016-02-19
Money Records 2016-02-12 Brief description of how I keep track of my expenditures.
Warning Signs 2016-02-03
What is evidence? 2016-01-10 How do you choose what to believe?
Physical Quantities on Log Scales 2016-01-07 What do various interesting physical quantities look like on log scales?
How to Grade Predictions 2016-01-02 Describes how to tell how good a weatherman is.
Practical Log-Odds 2015-12-29 Introduces a neat way of thinking about probabilities ('log-odds'), suitable for mental ballparking.
What Makes a Good Statistical Test 2015-12-26 Describes what a statistical test 'really is,' and how to choose a good one.
Post Zero 2015-12-23 yammer yammer yammer yammer
Hello World 2015-11-04